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  • Queer/Art/Film has fast become one of the city’s most adventurous repertory programs. The overall picture that emerges from the series is of a queer cinema that is barely, if at all, concerned with the problems of representation and the burdens of identity politics, and that has never been shy to speak its name.

    Dennis Lim, New York Times

  • Elizabeth Thompson of Paper magazine interviews co-curators Adam Baran and Ira Sachs.

  • About the films of Charles Ludlam, restored by Queer|Art|Film
  • The Outfest Legacy Project Charles Ludlam Collection

  • That Ludlam made films is not surprising; he was one of our nation’s most prolific artists, whose inspiration for his productions—precursors of some of today’s performance art—came from B movies, penny dreadfuls, opera, and his own sense of glee when it came to making his manic spectacles.

    Hilton Als, New Yorker

  • It’s hard to decide which moment in Charles Ludlam’s intriguing silent film “Museum of Wax” is the most titillating: Is it when he, as a wigless drag queen in lipstick, false eyelashes and dangling earrings, passionately kisses the female on-duty employee of a Coney Island wax museum? Or is it a few minutes later, when he’s makeup-free and shirtless and making out with a dashing young man as the aforementioned woman looks on.

    Beth Greenfield, Time Out New York

  • The films have radically enlarged my perspective on Ludlam, just as they have instantly joined, in my mind, the best underground films of Jack Smith....

    Dan Callahan, The House Next Door


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