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Times Square


Times Square

(1986, Allan Moyle)

Times Square


Though little seen when it came out in 1980, Alan Moyle’s punk-teen-misunderstood-youth girl flick -– the other “Runaways” -- was meant to be the next Saturday Night Fever, and has one of the most remarkable rock n' roll soundtracks ever, including tunes by the Patti Smith Group, The Pretenders, Talking Heads, Roxy Music, and dyke-rocker Suzi Quatro. Shot on location in and around a pre-Giuliani Times Square, the story of two teenage gals on the run -- who start their own punk band and become accidentally famous (thanks to D.J. Tim Curry!)-- is both a document of a New York that was, as well a still-fresh portrait of female adolescent angst in all its pain and glory.

Screened: May 17, 2010


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